Artistic Pool Creations


Artistic Pool Creations World Wide

Swimming Pools are becoming increasingly frequent in houses all around the globe. But do not think of the mundane shapes and sizes you may associate with standard pools. In fact, a swimming pool can be constructed to the homeowner’s exacting requirements and tastes. The art form of pool construction and waterscapes gives you the endless possibility to express yourself and create the water paradise of your exact choosing.


Endless Pool Possibilities

Though there are endless possibilities here to let your imagination roam, here are a few design features homeowners may want to consider in creating the perfect pool work of art.

Your Swimming Pool Size and Contour

Custom pools differ vastly from the mundane industrial appearance of many public pools. Private pools are not hampered by their design dimensions or contour. In fact, there are so many plausible shapes and designs for your perfect pool design that it is only limited by your imagination.

Standard shapes and designs include but are not limited to square and rectangle shapes, egg-shapes, round, octagonal, kidney shapes, etc. But do not be afraid to let your imagination roam and create original designs like mermaids, dolphins, musical notes, or any meandering natural shape that suits your mood.

Given the limits of course of your property size, your pool dimensions that suit you and your needs is entirely up to you. Pool shapes, size, and designs offer you extreme versatility when it comes to expressing yourself artistically.

exotic swimming pool Shapes

Express Yourself

Not only are you free in your form, contour, and size choices you also have options in finish, colors, water features, tile, colors, landscape, etc. as part of your endless pallet to create the perfect work of pool art.

Appealing tiles and colored cement enrich the attractiveness of your masterpiece, letting you mix the surrounding scenery and the inside of the pool in a blended harmony that enhances landscaping and structures.

Pool tiling options offer further outlets for creative expression offering layout choices and color and texture variants, the options to create geometric styles, drawings, shapes, etc. Any of these can be used to enhance your pools beauty and expression. Do not limit your use of tiling options to simply a ring around the water line of your pool alone.

Pool Art Tile Work


Pool Finish and Colors

Your color choices for pool finish, surrounding concrete, etc. can make the swimming pool come alive and compliment every feature of your property. Imagine colors, designs, and textures that match and enhance your home’s beauty and theme.

The pool water may be a stunning color of blue or maybe a dark bottom pool that offers depth and mystery will be the perfect complement to your work of art.


Pool Water Features

There is an array of water features you should consider for your perfect work of pool art that can enhance the beauty, tranquility, and fun factor of your pool depending on your particular tastes.

Here are just a few you might consider for your perfect custom swimming pool.



A stone waterfall is commonly employed with pools and can bring an exotic ambiance to your entire pool environment. Just imagine the soothing sounds of running water cascading into your pool on the perfect summer evening.

 swimming pool water fall


With rapids, the water cascades from upper elevations to lower ones across rocks, down a riverbed, stepped walls, etc. to create a spectacular natural moving water feature. Imagine a babbling clear water brook that meanders and tumbles into your perfect pool paradise and lending it character, beauty, and adding to the natural soothing, peaceful, ambiance and style of your pool.


Other Features

Let your imagination freely roam. Decorative walls installed, so water flows out of them and into the pool, fountains where the water shoots upwards out from the swimming pool and back into the water. A poolside bar or island with water seating, a water slide for the kids, etc. Your designs can be as traditional or contemporary as your imagination allows.

Remember your pool is a work of art, a valuable feature lending beauty, entertainment, health, benefits, tranquility, and value to your home and property.

Pool design

Make it Stand Out

Make your swimming pool art stand out with all the special touches, features, amenities, and particular expressive layout and fabulous colors of your choosing. Pools and water features are a real work of art when all these elements are combined to produce the perfect symmetry, luxury and one of a kind custom pool experience the user is looking for. So avoid the mundane. Let your imaginations roam combining all these facets perfectly for a chin-falling impact, and a real work of pool art.