Pool Care Tips for Keeping Your Pool Water, Healthy, Luxurious, and Clean


Owning a Swimming pool that is a work of art comes with a few basic requirements necessary to keep your pool water paradise beautiful, healthy, and desirable throughout the year.  Proper pool water maintenance will prevent common issues like green pool water, muddy water, pool staining issues, itchy burning eyes, and a pungent chlorine smell. Proper care and pool water sanitation is also necessary to kill pathogens and prevent the spread of various waterborne diseases.

As pool owners we all want to enjoy beautiful, clean, bright, pleasing pool water that’s easy on the eyes, our hair, our pocketbooks, our swimwear, and fabrics, is luxurious to the touch and comfortable on the skin. No one wants to take a dip in pool water that feels and smells unhealthy, or like a chemical bath.

 Pool Care Tips

Enjoying a Bright, Healthy, Beautiful Pool

Pool owners are seeking that attractive and healthy pool water experience with as little danger hassle and expense as possible! Many have made the switch to salt water pools or chlorine generator systems to lessen the impact of dangerous pool chemicals, costs, and care. With the usage of pool systems like The Chorine Genie Pool Water Management System keeping a beautiful, sparkling clear pool with water that is pleasing, soft and luxurious feeling with no chlorine odor is a breeze. Your swimming pool water treatment is managed by this stand-alone pool system instead of expensive chemical treatment routines.


Here are a few Pool Water Maintenance Tips for the Best Pool Water Experience Ever


Weekly Pool Maintenance


PH Ballance:

Keeping your pool water in the appropriate Ph range is critical for a healthy beautiful pool. In fact, a proper pH level is essential for chlorine to perform its job correctly. Ph is controlled by adding an acid or an alkali, for example, baking soda to modify Ph levels. Incorrect pH levels are not only unhealthy for pool water, but they can also irritate skin, damage pool equipment and affect pool surfaces and anything with which the water comes in contact.


Pool Ph


Modifying Ph with The Chlorine Genie System is simple. Open a valve and the unit will dispense chemicals to modify pool ph. The unit produces products for Ph pool control along with chlorine necessary to sanitize your pool.


Chlorine Level:

Bacterial and algal problems are kept largely in check by proper chlorination. Pools that do not maintain adequate chlorine levels quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria. The range of ‘free’ chlorine that has to be kept in the pool is usually 1.0-3.0 ppm. Standard pool chlorination systems go through big swings in free chlorine levels due to pool use, weather conditions, and the maintenance schedules of chlorine application. These big swings in chlorine can be leveled out with systems like the salt water pools and the Chlorine Genie Chlorine Generator because the systems can be set to continually manufacture chlorine daily to meet the needs of the pool and conditions. Continuous coverage eliminates periods of dramatic over and under chlorination.



Pools are often given a dose of algaecide every week to control algal contaminants. This addition is just another hassle for most pool owners and is easily overcome with the addition of copper/silver ionization systems like the one employed in the Chlorine Genie System.



Cloudiness in the pool water can be a problem for some pool systems. This bothersome uncertain water problem can be solved by just adding a dose of clarifier when necessary to your pool water. Clarifying agents make the tiny particles stick to each other, to form larger particles which can then be more readily filtered from your water.


Monthly Pool Water Maintenance

 Monthly Pool Maintenance



Pool Calcium Content: Water that falls below accepted standards for calcium becomes corrosive and destructive to pool surfaces and equipment. Pool water with an overabundance of calcium results in the formation of unsightly scale on pool surfaces making your pool unsightly. This evaluation must be conducted by a pool professional and the testing service should be available at any good local pool store.



Other Pool Maintenance Tips


Creating and owning your pool water paradise is truly an asset for a living but it does require attention to the basics duties required to maintain your water properly. Staying on top of these simple tasks and simplifying that routine to make it less of a hassle and more of a joy is just plain good sense.


If you neglect your simple duties, and you let your pool water get out of balance, turn green, or become unhealthy in any respect, it may cost you a lot more in time money, hassles, and expense.  Automated and easy to operate pool systems can make the whole pool owning experience more economical, and user-friendly.


Take a look at Chlorine Genie Chlorinators pool system to get an idea how simple things can get. Here is a place to see some of the Chlorine Genie Social Profiles, website, and accounts.

chlorine generator


Proper pool maintenance is crucial and cannot be ignored for long, especially during warm weather and the heavy use periods of the swimming season. Fallen leaves, debris, and other organic matter in the pool decompose and can quickly bring bacteria and problems to your pool’s environment.


Daily Pool Care Tips


Pool Skimmer Basket: The pool’s skimmer basket must be monitored regularly. Inspect the basket and clear any debris. This will keep fresh water circulating in the pool at all times. Leaves and other debris at the underparts of the swimming pool must be cleaned. Use a leaf net or bag to clear buildup from the pool. Doing this yourself gets you outside on a daily basis and is a way to connect with your pool and further enjoy the beauty of your investment.


As Needed Problem Solving


Shock Treatment:

If you are using a quality Chlorine Generator System and keeping tabs regularly on your pool, you should not have any significant problems. But, if for some reason you are not regularly checking, or your system for some reason fails you, things can get out of hand in a hurry.


Shock treatment may be necessary when things get bad, and your chlorine levels have fallen to the point that algae and pathogenic organisms have taken over destroying your pool paradise. Shocking your pool kills germs and bacteria and raises the level of free chlorine.


Once again with a proper functioning system like the ones we have mentioned you should have no problems requiring a shock treatment. With the proper pool system in place, and by following these simple pool maintenance tips, you are going to save effort, time, and cash in the long run. Your pool will never look or feel better.


Proper Knowledge and Systems

 pool care systems and equipment

With the proper knowledge and just a little effort backed by the right pool water management system, your pool care becomes a simple and pleasurable routine that ensures years of trouble free pool paradise enjoyment. Picking the right system for your pool is critical for straightforward and economical pool maintenance. You will want to do your homework and be informed of the advantages and disadvantages including hidden costs etc. of any system you are thinking of for your perfect pool work of art.